do u ever smell weed and wonder where that chill person is

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the real reason why romney lost


the real reason why romney lost

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187: Shake it out, Florence and the Machine.

Throughout the Big Music boom of the early part of the decade, no voice boomed bigger than Florence Welch’s. That five-alarm howl would go on to propel her to dizzying heights of dancefloor domination and Hollywood glamour, but nowhere did Welch sound more gloriously skyscraping, more monumentally huge, than on “Shake It Out”. This song is release, an embodiment of the ultimate in pop catharsis. Lyrics about casting off the devils of the past, blown heavenward by church organ and a backing choir (featuring a then-unknown Jessie Ware). A chorus that feels like coming up for air after nearly drowning. A 10-second-long, sinus-clearing high note. “Shake It Out” is truly one of the great sonic exhales of this decade.

Amy Phillips for Pitchfork, 'The 200 Best Tracks of the Decade' (so far)

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more celebrities should donate blood like could you imagine having the blood of meryl streep running through your veins

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The first movie really did have a great script.

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Iggy Azalea and spaghetti twirled on a fork

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